Ride To Art Amsterdam Oost

Geplaatst op 31 juli 2020, 19:22 uur

The project Ride to Art is a free plein air exhibition of art created by 15 artists of the neighborhood to support and entertain the residents of Amsterdam Oost and make the whole neighborhood more colorful in a moment of physical distancing.

Sponsored by Funds Voor Oost With the Support of See you @ Art and KunstRUIM

Family, friends of all ages can cycle around and visit artist works without having to go inside a building.  That means see it at your own leisure any time of the day.

See if you can find all the art work of "15 ARTIST " spread all around shops and business windows around Oost.  A code is placed by every painting with a map to show the other locations. I look forward to seeing your reponses on our page.

Artist Sonya Wilson will be displaying just one of her artworks on the window at Boothe Chiropractie 1095 IJburglaan.  Look for forward to her future exhibitions.



Kinderen, 0-11 jaar, Jongeren, 11-22 jaar, Volwassenen, Ouderen
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