Looking for Families, People To Share an Eco Living Dream on Centrumeiland

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I have a dream. To create an Eco Village on Centrumeiland with Earthship type of buildings. A self sustainable, affordable, edible, ecologically sensible village. To create a place, which is in peace with nature. No cars, no traditional city utilities, no sewage canals, no water pipes, all self sustainable, self created and affordable.

If you are one person, who would like to share the same dream, below is my email address and website for further details on my dream. Please drop me a mail. After the holidays period I would like to organize a meeting to get together and talk how to realize this dream.

Kind Regards

Tayfun Yalcin

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Tayfun Yalcin

The designs, Business Plan and Financial Plan of creating an Eco friendly island has been sent to Amsterdam Governments via Arcam. From now the decision is in governments hands but if there is demand there is always supply. More people get together behind sustainability, more solutions are already a Lees meer
1-mrt-2015 21:32