Te koop aangeboden

book: Amsterdam Notes/The Dutch adventures of Keith Haring

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aanbieder Chris Reinewald
Te koop aangeboden

Richly illustrated book with unpublished works of Keith Haring telling the story of his visits to Rotterdam and Amsterdam 1982 and 1986.

Haring sprayed a velum for his exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum and made a huge, recently again revealed, wallpainting at the Markthal, Amsterdam-West. IJburg-author Chris Reinewald (eye-witness in 1986) reconstructed Harings Dutch adventures.

130 p, limited edition. Euro 19,95. To be picked up here at IJburg, facebook: Chris Reinewald, info@chrisreinewald.nl

Also available with two prints after contemporary photo's of Keith at work in the Stedelijk. Euro 175   

Keith Haring front cover
Keith Haring back cover
Inside view
Limited edition with 2 prints