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Experienced, loving and reliable dog walker!

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Geplaatst op 10 november 2020, 20:55 uur

Hello everyone!

I have lots of free time to walk your doggies!

I grew up with dogs so I understand their needs, and their individualty.

I am a musician, but because of Covid, I am at home in Ijburg practicing :)

I already walk dogs on Ijburg, but I would love to walk more! Usually we go to the beach, or Diemerpark where they can run free.

If you're working from home, but have a busy day, I'll happily help out!

I come with references and lots and lots of experience :)

Feel free to message me with any questions, I would be happy to answer.

Best, Charlotte


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Marion van Wijk

Hello Charlotte. I have a small dog, very nice, but also a little bit difficult. For a long time I am looking for somebody on Ijburg, who can take him out for some occasions. So maybe we can meet and do a try-out with him. His name is Loewietje. My name is Marion van Wijk.
13-nov-2020 18:54

Charlotte Salter

Hi Marion,
Thanks for your message. Yes, sounds a good idea! My email address is: csalteroboe@gmail.com
15-nov-2020 11:25
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