Sit Down and Write! - IJburg International Writers Club

Non-profit, Netwerkorganisatie, Vereniging / club

A group of international writers/ creative people who want to spend one morning a week, working on and committing to our own creative project in a shared space.

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There are two timeslots and locations available:

1) Tuesday Morning 10:00-12:00

Location: Flexbieb

Talbotstraat 46, 1087 EM Amsterdam

2) Thursday Morning 11:00-13:00

Location: Factor-IJ
Pampuslaan 11, 1087 HP Amsterdam
Contact: Agnes (

All events are Free of charge. But you would have to pay for your consumption.

The sessions will start with a short self-introduction (name, what’s your project, no need for details, you can also choose not to say anything), in total not longer than 15 mins.

If you arrive later than the greeting time, just quietly find a seat and start with your business.

After the greeting, we just sit down & write!


Although many would imagine writing is a lonely act in front of a lonely desk, many masterpieces are actually written in a noisy coffeehouse or in a busy cafe. Because writing, especially creative writing, extracts its energy from life itself. That being said, we would still like to find a quieter place so we can enjoy the perk of being together without the con of fighting noises to stay concentrated.

In IJburg there is hardly any space for creative people to meet up and work together, especially in the evening. We believe that working together, even on separate projects, has magic in itself. And the true connection between creative souls can only be made by immersing in each other’s creative endeavors, not by network events that barely go beyond small talks.

Those writing/ creative sessions have no commercial purposes. We simply start with a pure maybe even a bit naive desire to bring creative people together, to work together side by side, to support each other, while the dream of writing a book can seem so far away and unreal sometimes; and often so very lonely too.

In the beginning, we would like to keep it simple by focusing on creating itself, socializing and connecting would come naturally afterward. Since this group is not-for-profit, it should stay as a space for creative endeavors, not a working space for commercial assignments.

Other than that, let it be a novel, a children's book, a poem, a sketchbook, or a manifesto for a new movement, anything that one can do quietly in front of a desk would be welcomed to our little circle.

We have created this Facebook group so people can easily reach us for information:



Wil je al lang een boek schrijven, een blog starten of gewoon genieten van het plezier van schrijven, maar kun je nooit de tijd of de pit vinden om aan je project te werken?  Verlang je naar de gemeenschap van gelijkgestemde mensen die jouw passie en liefde voor het schrijven delen?  Doe elke week mee met een uur schrijven en vorm een ​​stam die elkaars visie en creatieve inspanning zal ondersteunen!

Waarom samen schrijven?  vraag je je misschien af.  Want mensen zijn sociale dieren en we doen alles samen beter, zeker in een ondersteunende omgeving.  Je zult ontdekken dat je ongelooflijk productief in dit uur kunt zijn en voordat je het weet zullen pagina's zich ophopen en ben je een stap verder naar het afronden van je project.

Alle evenementen zijn gratis, maar in Factor-ij wordt het bestellen van een drankje wel gewaardeerd.

Er zijn twee tijdstippen en locaties voor onze schrijfsessies:

1) Elke Dinsdag 10:00-12:00 (Exclusief de nationale feestdagen)

10:00-10:15 inloop 
10:15-10:30 korte inleiding en kennismaking
10:30-11:30 schrijven 
11:30-12:00 discussie 

Locatie: Flexbieb  (Talbotstraat 46, 1087 EM Amsterdam)

2) Elke donderdag 11:00-13:00 (Exclusief de nationale feestdagen)

11:00-11:15 inloop 
11:15-11:30 korte inleiding en kennismaking
11:30-12:30 schrijven 
12:30-13:00 discussie 

Locatie: Factor-IJ
Pampuslaan 11, 1087 HP Amsterdam

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