Shut up and Write! - IJburg Writers Club

Non-profit, Vereniging / club, Netwerkorganisatie

A group of international writers/ creative people who want to spend one evening a week, working on and committing to our own creative project in a shared space.

Location: Buurtkamer Ijburg
Ed Pelsterpark 8
(The entrance is at the right-hand side of the gym hall)
Every Monday evening: 19:15-21:30
(Walk-in since 19:00)
Contact: Agnes (

All events are Free of charge.

The sessions will start at 19:15 exactly. Start with a short self-introduction (name, what’s your project, no need for details, you can also choose not to say anything), in total not longer than 15 mins.

If you arrive later than the greeting time, just quietly find a seat and start with your business.

After the greeting, we just shut up & write!


Although many would imagine writing is a lonely act in front of a lonely desk, many masterpieces are actually written in a noisy coffeehouse or in a busy cafe. Because writing, especially creative writing, extracts its energy from life itself. That being said, we would still like to find a quieter place so we can enjoy the perk of being together without the con of fighting noises to stay concentrated.

In IJburg there is hardly any space for creative people to meet up and work together, especially in the evening. We believe that working together, even in separate projects, has magic in itself. And the true connection between creative souls can only be made by immersing in each other’s creative endeavors, not by network events that barely go beyond small talks.

Those writing/ creative sessions have no commercial purposes. We simply start with a pure maybe even a bit naive desire to bring creative people together, to work together side by side, to support each other, while the dream of writing a book can seem so far away and unreal sometimes; and often so very lonely too.

In the beginning, we would like to keep it simple by focusing on creating itself, socializing and connecting would come naturally afterward. Since this group is not-for-profit, it should stay as a space for creative endeavors, not a working space for commercial assignments.

Other than that, let it be a novel, a children's book, a poem, a sketchbook or a manifesto for a new movement, anything that one can do quietly in front of a desk would be welcomed to our little circle.

We have created this facebook group so people can easily reach us for information:

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