Luis Paniagua and Suyana :: in Concert @Blijburg (kapel)

donderdag 22 maart 2018 , 20:00 - 22:00 uur

Luis Paniagua and Suyana :: in Concert :: Weaving Sound into Silencce @Blijburg (kapel) 

We are welcoming spring 2018 with a beautiful concert from Luis Paniagua (Spain) and Suyana (Belgium). Ticket sales starts 31 January (at full moon!) at 11:11 am. Buy your tickets here, more info in the event on Facebook here.

Luis and Suyana will offer an evening of musical beauty. Pouring straight from their hearts, the sounds & songs that they will share, will take you from being moved into silence, to resting in the sacred space that they open, and to the joy of sharing your voice.

The music of Luis Paniagua and Suyana is creating an intimate space, where one is expanding – connecting to the heavens and the earth – , and reflecting – connecting to our inner and outer worlds – at the same time. It is tapping into the power of the transforming energy that is carried through the music with Love, Truth, Beauty and Purity. We come together to open up to and remember the Joy and Gratitude that is guiding us always in our daily lives.

We heard Luis Paniagua in 2016 for the first time on the Corfu Sound and Silence Festival, organized by our dear heartbrother Sarvaan Ziva, and were deeply touched by the sound vibration of his healing instrument the Lyra from Greece and by the depth of his transcendental voice. Pure Healing Space. In January 2017 he gave a beautiful concert at SHiNE in Amsterdam and last year he gave a concert with Suyana on the Corfu Sound and Silence Festival and that was so magical. The invocation of their Weaving Sound into Silence Tour 2018. We are so much looking forward to welcome you all for a magical evening full of singing, healing, connecting and maybe some dancing as well!

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Andere locatie
het concert vindt plaats in de Kapel van Blijburg.