Hatha Yoga

elke zondag   |   11:00 - 12:30 uur   |   Bij Eef

What is Hatha Yoga?
Hatha means forceful in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language.
It was created to provide the Monks, that needed to be seated in meditation for long hours,with physical exercises so that their bodies would stay healthy.

Each class will stimulate the parasimpathetic nervous system, to make the body quiet and calm. An alternation between asanas =exercises slowly performed with awareness (respecting your own boundaries) and relaxation will also improve the coordination between body and mind and balance body, mind and spirit. 

Hatha Yoga has so many health benefits that sometimes I’m still wondering why it hasn’t been included in our healthcare package yet. Hopefully that will soon come.

Please join me at my Hatha Yoga class, together will do the Sun Salutations, and I’ll lead you through the series of Asanas that makes Hatha Yoga such an awesome, fun and complete form of Yoga.


Classes & Prices: (starting feb 2’nd ) 10 Introduction classes – 100Eur. Thursdays 20-21.30hrs & Sundays 10.30-12.30hrs

Promotion: first 3 classes 20.00Eur & Single “try out” class: 7,50Eur

Single class: 11Eur;  Also private lessons possible – price, depending on requirements. 

I teach in Dutch, English, Spanish and Italian.  Pls. visit my website for more information & sign up for the next class: ( Or call /text me at: 06-53527595 Or inscribe in the form below!

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