French Talks and Apéritifs

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Many people love France, love to travel there but get a lot of frustration when it's about talking in French. Being able to talk properly and understand locals means a nicer stay and travel experience. 

Alors, me voilà ! I'm Goulven, native French man and I have learned 5 different languages and know exactly how learning a language can be a challenge. We're gone make it a nice moment, not too much sitting behind a desk but more discovery of the outside world and talks about things we see around us. An alive learning experience, which I believe is the fastest way to learn a language.

I am really flexible and you choose what you feel is good for you, or we seat and talk at your home or we go outside and do together some daily life things (like doing groceries, walking around, talking about work and life in general), all this in French. 

We can see each other once a month, twice or even once a week, it is as you prefer.

Prices depend if you like to have a private or shared session and the time spent together (from 1h to 2h). 


On the other side, I am organizing with Ellen (Dutch lady previously French teacher) a "French Touch Apéritif" taking place on Friday 2nd of February 2024.

Thema  of the day: La Chandeleur = La Fête des crêpes (or Crêpes’day) !

Our purpose is to create a lovely French sphere where everyone can express himself.  We are here to help you improve your speaking skills and make you ready to express yourself if you like to enjoy this lovely country of France.During these two hours together, we to talk about different subjects (in French language of course) all this enjoying a typical French apéritif.

On 2nd February it is the Chandeleur or Crêpes’day, therefore we will prepare some homemade appetizers with crêpes & galettes (= savoury crêpes containing buckwheat = Gluten Free!) filled up with various preparations.

Very important, everyone can join this lovely moment, all speaking levels are welcome! 

How many we are: from 4 to 8 persons max

✓ Price per person: €45p.p

✓ What time: from 17pm to 19pm

✓ Date: Friday 2nd February = Chandeleur = Fête des Crêpes !

✓ Where: John Blankensteinstraat 175 1095MB Amsterdam (Zeeburgeiland)

*** If you can not come, do not worry, we have other Fridays planned : 16 February / 1st March / 15 March / 29 March 

Same time, same place and same French atmoshpere !


Want to join, know more!

You can contact me directly by phone (WhatsApp if you like) or email


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