Sewing bags course

elke Maandag, Donderdag , 10:00 - 15:30 uur

Tex recycles

Tex recycles old museum banners with beautiful prints. We make shoppers from these banners. We use industrial sewing machines. We work in small groups in a cozy studio on Steigereiland, IJburg.

Our approach 

Recycling is a fun challenge. Every museum banner is different and so every bag becomes different. This is our approach: Cleaning banners, cutting patterns out of the canvas, sewing the parts into a bag and sewing seams. You can participate one or more days a week. You can keep the first bag yourself. After that we work together on bags for sale.


Tex is a non-profit organization. We work exclusively with volunteers. We sell the bags to cover our expenses. So you don't earn anything, but it also costs you nothing.

Lesson times
Monday from 10:00 to 12:30 
Monday from 13:00 to 15:30
Thursday from 10:00 to 12:30 
In addition, it is sometimes possible to work independently.

Language and self-confidence

Do you want to improve your language, or do you need a boost? We think it helps to do something. Working together, getting to know new people, learning new things without work pressure can be the first step too get you on your feet.

Sewing skills

You do not need to have sewing skills. We will teach you the basics.

Extra activities

Besides sewing, there is plenty to do: distribute flyers, sell our bags, blog, manage the website, be on the market, find new sales spots, pick up our material from the companies that sponsor us. Maybe you discover new talents. Any help is welcome, if you want to do something extra.

Join us!

We welcome students of all ages, nationalities or gender

Register at our website:

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We wisselen af: werk aan eigen tas/ samenwerken aan tassen voor de verkoop. Verder kan ieder op eigen wijze iets doen voor Tex.
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